Leg 18 – Into Adulucia

A shorter ride today as I have just over 200 miles to run and over a week left to do it in. Tomorrow is a rest day and have booked two nights in a rural place with a pool, bar and restaurant.

Regarding places to stay, I will post some links soon listing all the places I stayed at.

The ride passed through some interesting places along the way.

So here we are – Andalucia, my final region. As with over borders, the road surface went from brand new to very poor (but not as bad as the track yesterday).

Over the past 10 years I have cycled through many parts of Spain and this is the first pit I have seen. Like most countries, Spain is moving from fossil fuels and you are more likely to see a wind farm than one of these. There were a number of pits all now disused.

Just down the road from the pit is this disused factory. I am sure there is some interesting history to learn here.

On the map towards the end of my trip for the day, there is a lake (in blue). This is the reality. Its dry and have been dry for some time. As I crossed the viaduct, I could see a cafe/bar/play park which must have closed when the lake dried out.

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