Leg 17 – Fighting the Flope!

This is one of those difficult days with a long “Flope” at the end. A “Flope” is a road that gives the impression of being flat but in fact is a slight slope. In todays case, it was 46KM of flopeyness at the end of the ride. The fact there was a head wind just made matters worse.

The ride was bookended by two nice village hotels. Both places were Bar/Restaurants with nice rooms for 30 Euros a night. Both places did good food. And today, the most important thing at the end of a long ride was the cold beer in a frozen glass.

On previous tours I have traveled on a route slightly west of today’s route. Miajadas was one of my favorite spots in wat is considered to be the tomato capital of the EU! A few days ago, I was looking up the Hotel La Toure and could not see it on any of the platforms. Maybe its stopped trading. The impact here is that in Miajadas, hotel rooms went from 21 Euros to over 70 Euros – possibly down to the lack of competition.

Starting out on the first leg. Weather much nicer than it was over the past weekend!  Sunblock on.

Not sure what this is or what it is meant to do. Its in a farming areas and made by somebody who has loads of scrap metals and a welding machine. It was possible to miss this structure due to other things I had to focus on (see below).

From time to time, you hit a rough patch, which is why you need to pay attention when using Komoot as a planning tool. A lot of focus needed here so no damage is caused by potholes. Nearest cycle shop 30KM away if needed.

Its tomato season in this area. Many of these find there way onto roads as they fall off the trucks during transport. Last year I tried playing “Squash the tomato”  with my front wheel as I went along the road. One tomato exploded and got all over the front of my bike. So the new game is “Miss the Tomato”

For many years, I have seen these massive nests. Finally I get to see what lives in the nest!

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