Leg 16 – Turning South

Weather nice and warm at these lower altitudes. The Komoot app set a route which was straight into a 12% hill for 8KM.  The route would have taken me off the N110 and if you zoom into the map, you will see that I had started to climb the hill.

For start of the climb was really unpleasant. Loads of aggressive flies which made the start of the climb very unpleasant. After about 5 mins of climbing I was faced by a road block to had to turn back and take the slightly longer  path via Plascencia. Given the way the Flies where misbehaving, I think it would have not been so long before I tuned round in any case.

A very convenient and welcome roadblock.

Seen from the Plascencia N110 bypass (South). Radio Ham house set between two large power lines. Wondering what sort of impact the power lines have on the radio quality!

As I head South, this is a view of the mountains that form the South side of the Jerte Valley

Monfrague National Park with a lake. Water levelsseem to be up from last year.

This is a Cafe I stopped at on the 2014 tour. Shame to see it no longer open as it is in the idea location for a pit stop. During the ride, I have seen a few closed places, and this place looks like it been closed for some time. On this road, I was seeing a car about every 10 – 20 mins, so I think its lack of customers rather than Covid 19 that lead to demise of this place.

Over the years, huge investment has gone into new motorways which as had some negative on some businesses likethis.

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