Leg 15 – To the Jerte Valley

The massive deluge over night in Spain reached the BBC news headlines in the UK. In the morning, the weather was just about to clear up with some drizzle at the beginning.

The ride today continued down the N110. For the past few days, its been a high altitude ride at around 4,000ft. A steep drop at the end of the ride reduced the latitude to a little over 1,000 ft. The Jerte Valley is between two mountain ranges in Spain and one of my favorite spots.

With the weather improving, I am increasing the miles today. The hotel at the end of the ride was very medieval and had been around for some time. A great place to stay.

Departing Avilla – A nice city with a medieval wall. Good restaurants and a cheap hotel owned by a very friendly couple.  From here, the ride was hard work from the first 40KM as it was a gentle up hill slope and a strong headwind. The first major peak was a bit easier as it was sheltered from the wind.

Looking back East – this is the nasty weather I am running from!  It improves.

This is just about the highest point of the ride. The mountains in the middle of Spain are high enough to support skiing during the winter months.

Fresh spring water- Had my first free water top-up here in 2014. This is my 4th refill – Will be back!

And here is te top of the Jerte Valley

Coming Soon (subject to internet connection) – video of the decent!

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