Leg 19 – A visit to Beverly Hills

Today the “Flope” was in my favour. Still some climbing needed in places but generally a quick pace down the N Road until my route took me through a nice park area.

The north part of Cordoba where I am staying is very much like Beverly Hills in LA! Some massive mansions. Had a good deal on the hotel and given the 4 star status food and beer surprising cheap.

From here I need to take the most direct route to Malaga. Overnight I lost a bit of sleep due to pain in my back and ankle. Think this is Covid related arthritis from a few months back. Things under control now as I managed to top up on paracetamol!

So from Cordoba, two short legs to Malaga. I have three days on the beach. Ideally I wanted to take in a few extra places, like Ronda, but that can wait until a future trip!

Hotel in the middle of nowhere! It is run by a very friendly wife/husband team. Bar, restaurant and a pool. Great value for money. Hope to call in again on a future tour!
About 8 KM into the ride – another castle!  The village had a pharmacy so I was able to get pain under control again!

There are time when you need to ignore the tech. As you can see, I am on a nice smooth road. Mr Gamin is telling me to leave the road and use the gravel track to the right. This is despite the fact I am set up for road cycling and not mountain biking!
An old rail track was parallel to my route. Possibly used to carry coal to Cordoba and the main lines? Maybe an opportunity to create a new cycle track here?

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