Day 9 – Starts wet and gets dry

Heavy rain all night, so all roads have plenty of surface water. Drizzle was just about constant until I escaped the Pyrenees. The Hotel was really great, but as the route is very popular with the Camio De Santiago fraternity, the catering operation was geared to the Pilgrims. Great quality and value for money.

This is how it all starts….Soggy! Enough said!.

This is where I depart from the route and go up some steep hills. The cars that have move horse power than me (and self contained shelter) gets to take the easy route through the tunnel.

South of Pamplona and its dry. The rain is behind me!

An this is the hotel. When I first approached, I though the hotel was an annex to a church. I stayed in a place near Dax in 2017 which was part of a religious establishment with a very basic hotel open to the pubic. I was worried this place was the same set up. But once inside, it was great. Nice rooms, bar and great food.

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