Day 10 – Moving south

As can be seen from the profile, still plenty of climbing. The Destination is Agreda where I stopped on my 2019 tour. This time I had an apartment with a washing machine so was spared hand washing all my kit!

Map below and as you expect from Spain, some great places to see along the way! 

This is wine country and this is the journey Rioja will start making from the vine to my Wine Rack back in England. Across the border in France, it seems that they are drinking too much craft beer and wine is now being converted to “Hand Gel”. My advice is to drink both!

This is a dead village. Ruin church on the top of the hill. Buildings looked like old work houses. I am sure there is some interesting history to this place!

RUHX is one of the two charities I am supporting on this ride. If you have not donated yet, please use the links on this page.

The RUHX team asked me to take a picture. As I am riding solo, I do not have a “Team” so the media team will just have to manage with a selfie:-)  That mountain to the left of me is close to Agreda where I am heading. Picture taken at mile 50. I could see tis from mile 5!

About 10 KM from Agreda – closer look at the mountain.

Picture of the Agreda town square after dinner 🙂

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