Day 8 – Its wet and where its not wet, its very wet!

Forecast is poor for the next couple of days. The only good thing is that I have a tail wind. This leg take me across the border into Spain. No passport stamping (remember when we could just turn up in the EU from the UK with no passport controls?)

The hotel stop this eve is in Elizondo, my third visit since 2017. Luckily, I go in just before a coach load of folks arrived.

Here are some pictures from today’s ride!

Birds seem to be creative about where they pitch camp !  (and no I was not on a train. This shot taken from the road)

That will be the Pyrenees then…..with a massive side order of showers! As soon as I get to the border, the climbing starts!

This is the peak before Elizondo. During the climb light showers were almost constant. After this peak, it was a very soggy ride down hill as the rain got worse!

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