Day 2 – Road trip continues in France

Calm crossing last night. Restaurant on the MV Bretange was up to the normal high standard with nice wine to help the food go down.

Weather was really good today and 72 miles complete. Going to keep the distance at the 70 Mile range for now as I get used to the bike again. Its different to the one I normally (as I did for Leg 1.
So here is today’s map.
  It was a bit hilly, and tomorrow will start off with hills and then flatten out.

So here are some pictures. For some reason, the bulk import put them in reverse order and I cannot not be bothered to sort it! Beer pending!

About 12 miles from my destination for the day. Had to detour. Just as well as I hate riding on grit.

Coffee at mile 20. Café owner explained that he had a water filter system and the coffee came from PNG. His aim was to make the best coffee in France. To be fair, it was nice, but not as good as the Portuguese place next to my office in London!

Rough Riding!  But road improved after a mile.

La Rance seen from the East. On previous trip I followed a different route down the est side.

The morning approach to St Malo seen from the deck. This was about 20 mins after the wake up music which was an amazing Celtic style piece.

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