Let the tour begin

We here we go!  Its the 2023 tour and a great send off from the team at the RUH. Also a nice card from the team at Save the Children UK.

The first short leg was to the Charmbury Arms for a couple of beers and then an evening with my Mum just up the road. The next day the real long distance riding started with the main part of Leg 1 down to Gosport.The weather was not so good. Plenty of rain and drizzle in the weather forecast. I managed to get quite wet between Norton-St-Phillip and Warminster. For the rest of the ride, I managed to dodge most of the rain.

Here are some pictures from the first leg.

The easiest way out of Bath is via the Linear Park where you can enter the Two Tunnels route which avoids a large hill. Despite taking the easy route at the start, I still had to tackle a nice climb out of Midford. By then I had warmed up.
This is a cycle track just to the north of Warminster. Its very grey and I am very wet. This is the point where the weather started to dry up.
2o miles down the road from Warminster and its still dry on Salisbury.  This is about the half-way point. Just down the road its time for a coffee and cake stop which is a mandatory part of any ride!

after just over 7 hours of riding, and 84.5 miles, I can see the sea!  So for now, its a pause for just over a week as I need to go back to work for a few days before setting off on the main part of the ride. Leg 2 will start on the Tues 22nd August from St Malo, France. Hoping for good weather!

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