Day 13 – Short ride. Got soaked!

Weather forecast lived up to its promise. So reduced miles planned. The first 20 was hard going with frequent stops for shelter.

Breakfast was amazing and one of the best I had on this trip.

Different strategy for tomorrow. Route  planned but no room booked. Weather still unstable so I want to make distance if I can but with the option of stopping if I need to. Normally I book a day ahead at a time for hotels, but I need more flexibility than normal. Good news is that there are plenty of hotels to choose from.

This is what I set off in. Zero motivation….even for just 31 miles!

This picture gives a flavor of the ride. Here things are starting to clear up. Could have done more miles, but hotel booking is committed.

This is Segovia. Lovely place and I would have stayed longer for some tourist picture taking. I was soaked, so needed to press on to the hotel.

What is the obsessional fad with cobbles in old places? They are a nightmare to cycle on.

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