Day 12 – Did not get wet!

Despite a bad forecast, the day started dry and clouded over towards the end. The afternoon was really hard going as it was mostly up hill and against the head wind. The other thing noticeable is how the road surface changes when a border is crossed between provincial Juntas. The Soria region has a great road surface, but the Segovia Junta seems to be very keen on using pebble dash for a road surface. Hard to ride on and loads of loose gravel! 

A short uphill gentle climb to the main highway (N122).

The N Roads are quite amazing. These roads are easy to ride and fairly direct. Sometimes super quite (in this case due to a  new motorway).I like the way that there is a hard shoulder to give me space from traffic. Whilst the road surface in Segovia is not great, the layout is the same.

For users of Komoot, the planning is great, but you do need to modify routing to include N Roads and populated are. Spain is a very hot place and if you leave all the planning to Komoot without modification, you risk spending the day in the bush with no opportunity to top up with water!



So I am more than a day from Agreda. This is about the last point I can see the mountain. I must be at least 80 miles down the road.

This is quite random. A Mc D sign in the middle of nowhere. Not that I was looking for fast food. Plenty of better alternatives in Spain.

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