Day 5 – Medoc Country

I had wanted to go to Soulac-Sur-Mer where I have had some amazing holidays in the 80s. On this occasion, all the hotels were booked, but I did manage to find a nice spot in Le Verdon just up the road.

A nice dry ride today through Vendee. For those that know this area, its very flat, but interesting as terrain changes from Vineyards to coastal inlets where oysters are farmed.

And here area few pictures from the ride!
This bridge is the biggest climb of the day (See KM 74 where there is a single peak). Since I crossed this bridge last year, the cycle route has been moved to East side. This has improved the route into the bridge. The surface is really good with excellent separation from traffic. In 10 years, this is my fourth time across the bridge.

Here is a view of a hanging bridge from the bridge I was crossing. I had always thought that this was redundant structure from a lifting bridge. I was quite amazed to see a suspended platform move across the river.

Gosport is my home town, so here is a mugshot to prove that I was there. I was trying to Scowl like Donald Trump who also had a mug shot published today. Think I need more practice to imitate the Donald Grump.

Random picture of my bike posing with some rustic village stuff.

So this is the ferry to Pointe De Grave. Standard design where cars roll on and roll off.
This is one of the older ferries from the 1970s where  the sides would drop down and cars would enter from the side.

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